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Museum Tsunami

In order to commemorate the tragedy, the Tsunami Museum built by Ridwan Kamil was established in 2011. The concept of the museum’s shape is made in resemblance of a ship, which purpose is also as a refuge if the tsunami ever happens again.

Grand Mosque Baiturrahman

The mosque, which became a historical site, has gone through a number of events, from the burning of the Dutch Colonial during the second aggression in 1873 to the 2004 Tsunami hit. This mosque is one of the grandest mosques in Southeast Asia.

Lhoknga Beach

Lhoknga Beach is directly facing the Indian Ocean and is becoming famous for its surfing. At dawn, do not miss the beautiful sunsets on the beach, only 30 Km away from the hotel.

Sabang Island

Sabang is a village located on the island called Pulau Weh. In this area there are also many other smaller islands such as the island Rubiah, it’s also famous location for snorkeling & diving, 1 hour from the Hotel.

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